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Our Story


KiwiCoast Apiaries began back in the late 1980’s after owners Mark and Sheree Silson discovered a love of bees and beekeeping. Mark had been gifted two hives 15 years before, and with Sheree’s management and admin assistance was able to turn a hobby into a successful business selling their liquid gold.

What began as a handful of hives supplying bees to local Bay of Plenty kiwifruit orchards has grown into a substantial, but still family owned, operation of hundreds of hives that still supply the local kiwifruit orchards, but also avocado growers and their own delicious honey production that is now available for you to enjoy at home as Kiwicoast Honey.

They’ve faced their share of set backs along the way, including when a devastating fire destroyed their storage and handling facility in 2002. However, KiwiCoast were able to rise from the ashes and rebuild – you’ll taste their love for the honey and resilience against the odds in every spoonful!


Due to demand we are going to  make available online ordering. This is coming soon. While we are getting prepared for this please email Sheree with any questions at

 [email protected]



If you are hosting an event or a conference please contact Kiwicoast Honey for pricing of individual flavour pots for your table gifts or inclusion in gift bags.


Gift Hamper or Gift Basket Companies  please contact Kiwicoast Honey for pricing of individual pots for inclusion in your baskets and hampers.

Our Products

From classic Manuka honey to blends with Kanuka and other native flowers, you'll be sure to find a new favourite Kiwicoast Honey!